The Transparent Ethereum Staking Reward Reference Rate

Last Reward Day Start 12:00:23 UTC, Duration 24h

11.129 % p.a.

ETH.STORE based on last reward day
Represents the daily average earnings of validators across the entire Ethereum staking network
ETH.STORE is transparent, fair and easily auditable

ETH.STORE Explained

ETH.STORE (Ether Staking Offered Rate) is a transparent Ethereum staking reward reference rate. It represents the average financial return validators on the Ethereum network have achieved in a 24-hour period as published on

All validators that stayed in the active state during the entire reward day are counted. New validators joining or exiting mid day are excluded.

Each reward day starts at 12:00:23 UTC and lasts for 24 hours (or exactly 225 beaconchain epochs).

Total staking rewards consists of consensus rewards and transaction fees:

  1. Consensus rewards: Rewards received by validators for proposing and attesting in accordance with the consensus rules of the Ethereum protocol.
  2. Transaction fees: Fees received by validators for processing transactions on the Ethereum network.

Total staking rewards equals the sum of consensus rewards and transaction fees.

Variable Description
Start epoch (SE): First epoch after 12:00 UTC every day
End epoch (EE): SE + 225
Active validators (VS): Validators that have been active from start SE to end EE [SE,EE)
Sum rewards (RS): Sum of all rewards (consensus, tx) in VS that have been generated in epochs [SE,EE)
Sum effective balances (EB): Sum of all effective balances at epoch SE of all validators in VS

Calculations for 12:00:23 UTC - 12:00:22 UTC:

Variable Description
Start epoch (SE): Epoch 12150
End epoch (EE): Epoch 12375
Active validators (VS): in timeframe [12150,12375)
Sum rewards (RS): 637.4550913822922 Ether
Sum effective balances (EB): 2.090669 × 10⁰⁶ Ether
ETH.STORE: 11.12902656300623 % = (637.4550913822922 / (2.090669 × 10⁰⁶ )) * 365

Yes, you can run the calculations yourself with our open source ETH.STORE tool and verify the integrity of the ETH.STORE listed here. Check out ETH.STORE on Github.